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Professional inks for printing on plastic profiles, as well as for printing and marking on cables and fiber optic cables

Solvent and water UV paints and lacquers for rotary printing, pad printing, for printing on PVC, ABS, PP profiles such as skirting boards, furniture edgings, wall panels, etc. Solvent , water and UV paints and lacquers – standard and with surface effects for printing and marking optic fibre and electric cables. Used on various surfaces, among others, onPVC, ABS, PE, PP, PA, EPDM, PBTB, PS, PPO, VPE, PEEK, FEP, PTFE, PFA, Teflon, Tefzel, or Kapton. Cold and hot marking; various printing speeds up to 3000 m/minute.

UV lamps for UV paint printing, rotary printing, screen printing, engraving printing, regular printing, for industrial adhesive hardening, or for disinfection. UV measuring devices and UV control strips.. Magnetic foils, magnetic tapes and profiles, magnets, luminescent magnetic foil .Machinery for rotary printing, engraving and calendaring rollers, etc. Measuring instruments and devices for testing properties of paint materials. Auxiliary accessories. DIN 4 mm, DIN 6 mm cups, spiral applicators, test bases for spiral applicators in testing paints and lacquers; additions foe paints and lacquers shinning in the dark